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Hanse 460 2023

Cabin Rental

You want to have a pleasant sailing holiday, but if your budget is not enough to rent the whole boat, you can only rent a cabin. You can join our current itinerary in a spacious comfortable double cabin. With our expert captain, you can choose one of our accommodation alternatives with or without meals, and you can enjoy the blue voyage while learning sailing.
Please make sure you read with understanding.
  • Our tours and all our rentals take place from Bodrum Turgutreis D-Marin. Our departure and return pier is Bodrum / Turgutreis D-Marin.

  • All departures take place at 12:00 (GMT+3) on Saturday at the latest and return at 17:00 on Friday.

  • The tours are planned as 6 nights and 7 days.

  • Our tours and rentals can be rented for a minimum of one week or two weeks.

  • You must purchase consecutive rentals available for two-week tours together.

  • Weekly sequential purchases are made on biweekly tours. Pricing is made according to all wages and service charges of the relevant week.

  • You can review the special conditions and additional service fees for tours and rentals in the service details section.

  • This warning text is made as a preliminary information. All our guests who use our site and make rentals and purchases declare that they have read and accepted all terms of service.

  • Deposit:

    • In addition to the rental fee, a cash deposit of 1000 Euros is taken as a deposit.

    • If there is no damage or damage to the boat and cabin at the end of the tour, it will be refunded to the account.

    • Otherwise, the damage and loss will be invoiced to the lessor and deducted from the deposit.

    • If any remaining balance remains, the remainder will be refunded.

    • Damages and damages over 1000 Euros are invoiced separately to the lessor.

Our cabins

master kabin
master kabin
€ 2.750
2 kişi

İki kişilik geniş rahat bir kabinde mevcut rotamıza katılabilirsiniz.

iskele kabin vip
iskele kabin vip
€ 2.000
2 kişi

İki kişilik geniş rahat bir kabinde mevcut rotamıza katılabilirsiniz.

sancak kabin
sancak kabin
€ 1.750
2 kişi

İki kişilik geniş rahat bir kabinde mevcut rotamıza katılabilirsiniz.

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Cabin Rental Form

Embarkation & Disembarkation Days and Hours:
Tekne Tipi ve Adı
Kabin Tipi
Rental Periods and Fees
KABİN TİPİ Fiyatı Depozito Master Kabin € 3.000 € 1.000 İskele VIP Kabin € 2.400 € 1.000 Sancak Kabin € 2.200 € 1.000

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